Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to: Spray Painting Curtain Rods

I did it, I FINALLY did it!!  
When we moved into our home over 2 years ago, we were "given" our curtain rods by the previous home owner.  While they were in great shape, simple, and usable I still wanted something else.  I've had my eye on a few different gold curtain rods for a while, but to be honest they were just not in the budget.  So, DIY it is!

Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Gold is by far the BEST gold spray paint.  It provides that perfect finish you're looking for, promise.  Also, I used the gun handle with the spray paint can, it is the most amazing tool, and will change your spray painting experience forever!

I started out by sanding the rods with 320 grit sand paper, to give the paint something to grab on to.  I then took each rod and sprayed a fine mist in long even strokes. 
Three coats really did the trick.  

I had initially planned to do a glossy finish on top of the gold metallic paint to really make it pop, but in the end I decided against it and I LOVE the final finish.  

This is such a small change, but the gold accent really helps bring the room together.

xoxo - Danielle

It's important when using spray paint, that you apply your coats thin.  If you don't you'll notice your paint running, then you have to wait until it dries, sand it down and reapply a new coat. 

Apply a finishing coat to the rods, I used a matte finish on mine.  If you don't use something to seal the metallic paint you will end up scratching the paint off when you join the two ends of the rods together, and each time you run the curtains along the bar.

I also sprayed the mounting fixtures, using the same steps


Ryan and Alison said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I really didn't want to buy new curtain rods! I'm on my way to go find some spray paint ;)

organizedandsimplified said...

Which finish did you use? Brand, etc. Thank you.

Jade Graham said...

Pretty much immediately we noticed the keyhole area was going to be an issue (which didn’t surprise me at all) and it went downhill fast: Spray painting Sydney

Heather Forbes Klepfer said...

Is your curtain one that you pull the curtains closed? I'm wondering how they would hold up if daily we were to do that.

Joseph Russo said...
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Joseph Russo said...

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